Living in Southern California for the past 10 years has brought me up close and personal with the life in a military town. No matter where you go you WILL run into a veteran or active duty Marine or Sailor. If you live here you will more than likely have at least one neighbor has or is currently serving. As for me, there are 4 retired Marines on our street and today I was invited to step back in time–a time of war on the front line for a young Marine serving in Korea and Vietnam.

 He invited me into his home and led me to a room (his office) to show me everything he has collected, earned and saved from his life in our Marine Corps.  I was in awe! He has a picture of him, the Commandant of the Corps at the time, and…CHESTY. Yes, Chesty Puller was standing next to him in this picture. I pointed the camera at the image and snapped.  Well that picture along with others did not make it through. Either they were too blurry or just didn’t develop they are unusable. So as I sit here typing I give you my word I will somehow get back in there and re-shoot the pictures I so hastily tried to get today. Forgive the ones I DID share, they are still a little blurry. I shared the best of the group. Oh, and disregard the time stamp. I didn’t travel into the future for these pictures, I just have a retarded camera.   🙂

NOTE:   I was given permission to share Ricks photos with the promise that no one will ask him for money…or an autograph.  hehe   🙂

By the time Rick received his first (of 3)  letter informing him of his upcoming 15 month tour in Vietnam, he was already a two-time Purple Heart recipient after serving in Korea. When they sent him the third letter of deployment, he had had enough. He sent  a letter back informing them of his retirement; there was no way he was going back to that hell…  


In honor of Chesty Puller and the unfortunate picture mishap of this afternoon, I give you a picture of the highest decorated Marine to date.

English: Chesty puller
Chesty Puller