The Battle of Gettysburg: Animated Map


Click image to go to the map. (If you have any problems, let me know and I’ll fix it.) I was unable to embed this but had to share with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!     🙂


Drummer Boy of Chickamauga


Here’s more about the civil war drummer boy turned Brigadier General. I had some questions arise as to who was the last living civil war veteran and John Clem here was brought up. After researching I found he wasn’t the last; (I posted his story here, too) But I did find some other interesting stories about him. Enyoy!

 John Clem USA

AUGUST 13, 1851 – MAY 13, 1937

When President Abraham Lincoln in May 1861 issued the call for volunteers to serve in the Union army for a three year term, one of those who tried to answer was Ohio resident John Clem. Not yet 10 years old, Clem’s service was refused by the newly formed 3rd Ohio. Undeterred, Clem later tried to join the 22nd Michigan, where his persistence won over the unit’s officers. They agreed to let him follow the regiment, adopting him as a mascot and unofficial drummer boy. The officers also chipped in to pay his monthly salary of $13 before he finally was allowed to officially enlist in 1863. Read more

Washington leads troops into winter quarters at Valley Forge–1777


President Clinton was impeached on this day in History, as a matter of fact, it was the featured story. I didn’t feel like posting that bit of history–I’m sure most of us remember it clearly. I decided to post on good ‘ol George and how he went against Congresses demand to attack the British in Philly. Enjoy!

On this day in 1777, commander of the Continental Army George Washington, the future first president of the United States, leads his beleaguered troops into winter quarters at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Things could hardly have looked bleaker for Washington and the Continental Army as 1777 came to a close. The British had successfully occupied Philadelphia, leading some members of Congress to question Washington’s leadership abilities. No one knew better than Washington that the army was on the brink of collapse–in fact, he had defied Congress’ demand that he launch a mid-winter attack against the British at Philadelphia and instead fell back to Valley Forge to rest and refit his troops. Though he had hoped to provide his weary men with more nutritious food and badly needed winter clothing, Congress had been unable to provide money for fresh supplies. That Christmas Eve, the troops dined on a meal of rice and vinegar, and were forced to bind their bleeding frost-bitten feet with rags. “We have experienced little less than a famine in camp,” Washington wrote to Patrick Henry the following February. Read more

Help Save the A-10 Thunderbolt! (aka Warthog)



A-10 Thunderbolt


In order to avoid a dangerous close air support (CAS) capability gap that would put our ground forces in additional danger in future conflicts, we need to limit or stop the retirement of A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft from Air Force inventory until the F-35A achieves Full Operational Capability (FOC). It is that the Air Force plans to retire prematurely the A-10, leaving our military with a capability gap.

Vote to keep the A-10 aircraft flying!


Happy Holidays to our troops around the world. You are loved and missed. Keep each other safe, Godspeed!


Christmas twinkle 2013

29 Awesome Pictures Of The US Navy Through History


The United States, celebrating the world’s largest fleet, with 317,054 active duty personnel, 109,671 reserves, and 285 ships and more than 3,700 aircraft in active service.

It is the force that gives America the ability to project military power around the world. Although the Navy has been out of the spotlight after a couple of decades of land wars, it is expected to play a bigger role given America’s Pacific pivot and growing reluctance to deploy troops.

“You’re going to see a greater emphasis on using sea-based forces to produce an effect,” Admiral Gary Roughead told Reuters. “You’re seeing it in the Mediterranean, with Syria, and you’re seeing it in the Pacific and the Middle East.”

To celebrate America’s Navy, we’ve pulled out some of the coolest photos from the archives. Read more