World Battle Ground 1,000 years of war in 5 minutes

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This animation shows all important battles that took place over the last ten centuries. The sizes of the explosions and labels are proportional to the number of casualties. The music is “Ride Of The Valkyries” by Richard Wagner. The data comes from the Wikipedia article, List of Battles.
Most of the activity seems to happen in Europe, this is because the English Wikipedia was used. In a future release of this video I will merge Wikipedia in different languages to solve this bias.

Eyes on Iran, Navy in Gulf Stays at Ready



ABOARD THE U.S.S. WHIRLWIND, in the Persian Gulf — In the past six months, this small United States Navy coastal patrol ship has engaged Iranian gunboats three times in international waters here.Multimedia Map Related Afghan Leader Agrees to Talks on Closer Iran Ties December 9, 2013 Connect With Us on TwitterFollow @nytimesworld for international breaking news and headlines.Twitter List: Reporters and Editors Crew members on both sides came up on deck to snap photographs or take video from 300 yards away — souvenirs for the Americans, surveillance for the Iranians, Navy officials say — before the vessels went their own ways without incident.

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Powerful Photos Show War Through the Eyes of Children



At the Spafford Children’s Center for in East Jerusalem, L.A.–based photographer Brian McCarty watched as a little girl made a crayon drawing of a dead boy. She carefully colors in a red pool of blood around his body. It was a drawing that McCarty would later use to stage one of his photographs for WAR-TOYS, a series that recreates children’s memories and fears of conflict in the Middle East with toys. Read more

Your Time in Iraq Makes You a Threat to Society

Speaking from prison, Iraqi war veteran Andrew “Sarge” Chambers tells the story of how he got there. As the judge told him when he sentenced Chambers to 10 years at Marion Correctional: “Your time in Iraq makes you a threat to society.” Chambers reminds us of the sacrifices that linger with soldiers — and simply asks us to listen.


I Love America - Happy 4th of July

Sweet Land of Liberty, of Thee I sing

Gulf War Illness Resources



I’ve added links, templates and contact information on my resource page. I will continue to add info there so be sure to go to it for any updates.


I found this post in my Google + stream this morning; take a gander at what this veteran said…

I asked what I could do and he told me what I already knew I needed to do. I’m sharing this here because I have a favor to ask.  I mentioned this in an earlier post–we need to make some noise. We need to be a voice for our vets because theirs are not being heard. I’ve left a link below that will give you all the contact information for your states representative. Let them know we are aware of Gulf War Illness and our vets are dying (56 a day) waiting for the VA to help them. 
🙂 Come on guys and gals it’s our turn-our defenders need us, let’s not turn a blind eye to them like our government has. Show them they’re appreciated that their fight wasn’t in vain and they didn’t lose buddies on the battlefield for a lost cause. And when we begin to make this noise keep making it until we’ve seen some kind of action in the right direction. Don’t let it fall on deaf ears.
I want to thank everyone. Thank you for reading this and for the moment you took here on behalf of our veterans. Also, thank you for following my blog, it’s an encouragement for me to do more and do better.  🙂
I’ve left the link to the US House of Representatives below as well as another link where you can sign the petition to end VA backlogs.  “Over 496,000 veterans are currently without health benefits that they not only are are entitled to, but earned!”   The average wait (some over one year) is unacceptable.     Thanks again!

UPDATE:  In order to make it easier for everyone to send the appropriate information to your states representative and  help anyone who may not know quite what to say, I have corroborated with veterans to come up with a   template form.  You can link to my Google docs here or use the embedded version below. All you need to do is copy and paste in an email,  add the date, your name and anything else you may feel is important. The edit option has been disabled on the document itself, so any additions will have to be done in your email.  I thought this would be a way to help you help them. It makes the entire process quick and painless. I’ve also added a few more links. Thank you so much for your help. 🙂


US House of Representatives

End VA Backlogs

Q10 for Gulf War Veterans

I’m adding more links below.

Committee on Veterans’ Affairs –

Members for the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs –

Members of Congress –


Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs –
Here they only have 2 options to contact the “Chairman or Ranking member”.

Senate Committee Members –

Senators of the 113th Congress contact information –



SURPRISE: Pentagon caught in a lie over burn pits

For years, Pentagon officials have insisted that the open-air burn pits incinerating tons of garbage and other waste on U.S. bases in Iraq and Afghanistan could not be causing long-term health problems for our troops. But an unclassified memo (.pdf) dated more than a year ago and recently leaked to Spencer Ackerman over at Wired’s Danger Room indicates that the Army knew very well that the air quality, at least at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, could have dire health consequences for anyone living and working there between 2002 and 2010.  (May 22, 2012)