Camel in Kabul, Afghanistan

Going through my pictures tonight and it seems I have compiled quite a collection just in the past year, and these are only my military images, I probably have every war the US has been involved  with, in photos–beginning to end–the Revolutionary War being the exception. It got me to thinking, what was the very first picture I downloaded when I started collecting  military in pictures?…well, I remember it well and I’m sharing it with you tonight. Along with our camel, I’ve added the second photo I downloaded in the early stages of collection–History’s my favorite subject.

Yes, a lone camel in the desert of Afghanistan.  I remember thinking about our troops seeing a lot of them and  out there ; I had a picture of ONE. Just one and miles of sand and sky. I’m not quite sure what it was that drew me to it and then to download and keep it all this time. Funny thing…I believe this is the first time I’ve shared my lonely camel. Below is another 1st, I guess I was looking at the terrain of the land where our troops were in battle. For such a war torn region of our world, it has to be one of the prettiest places I’ve seen. It just reminds me of the quote I have here on my front page:

“Remember, we walk on hell, gazing at flowers.”



God Bless our men and women still deployed in  lands far, far away.


camel in afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan