You can tell a Sailor by the shoe that they wear (And that’s a fact, Jack!)

English: Marines embarking onto amphibious ass...
Marines embark on  amphibious assault ships. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like the way this retired Seabees wrote his article; so we civilians can understand it and have a good time reading it. He made it fun for those of us who only know civilian life and nothing of  the in’s and out’s of a Sailor’s life–including the shoes on their feet.  =) I’ve posted a small part of his article here. Just follow the link for the conclusion of his story. Enjoy!

…It might surprise those with little or no knowledge of the service, that “the Navy” is not a homogeneous branch of what is now the Department of Defense. Oh, and “homogeneous” has nothing to do with the gay and lesbian communities of the armed forces.The Navy is certainly more than ships even though the surface Navy has its own sub-groups. For instance, the “Gator Navy,” uses vessels such as Dock Landing Ships, or LSDs, that can launch smaller craft inside a well dock. The LHAs, or amphibious assault ships are what many would have years ago referred to as a “helicopter carrier” but these behemoths are much more than a place to land a whirly-bird. The name gator refers to landing ships that have either giant stern gates or small gates on the bow, depending on how you look at it. In any event these gates can literally hit the beach, so the reference to amphibious. These ships are the most likely to have contingents of Marines on board, which is always good for a little culture clash. Read more