I am sorry that it has come to this.

By Daniel SOMERS (USA)

      We lose more veterans/active duty personnel to suicide per day than we do to KIA. What does this say about the mental health system that is available to them? What does this say about the government that sent them into these conflicts and it’s ability and fortitude to make sure the programs and money are available to them?  They have  failed our defenders in the worst way.  A retired Desert Storm Navy veteran & friend told me of a letter that was written by a Soldier in June of 2013 to his family explaining why he had to take his life; but  it wasn’t a suicide in Daniel’s eyes. for him it was a mercy killing.  The feelings he expressed in his letter are the same as so many other veterans coming home from war. My friend recognized them in himself.  A brief description and Daniel’s letter is as follows: Read Daniels letter