USS Laffey: The fiercest attack in US Naval History

VIDEO– April 16, 1945–0830: 

English: View of the bridge and forward 8-inch...

View of the bridge and forward 8-inch gun turrets of heavy cruiser HMAS Australia, 4 September 1944.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The USS Laffey was on screening patrol off the northern coast of Okinawa when 50 Japanese Kamikaze fighters attacked the ship. The Sailors fought them off for 80 minutes. In the end, 22 Sailors lost their lives. The USS Laffey sustained  heavy damaged but did not go down.  She was given the nickname “The ship that would not sink.” This battle is considered the most fierce attack in US Naval History, and here’s the link to the actual footage of that battle.   :-)   It does have voice over, but the images are, oh so  real.

Enjoy a little piece of history, lest we forget. 

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I'm an active supporter of the US Armed Forces. I have no political affiliation, no ulterior agenda other than to ensure our brothers and sisters-in-arms receive the help and support they deserve because of their selfless service to answer the call to arms. They are that 1% and it is our duty as Americans to ensure their health and posterity. Through understanding their service and the horrors of war they committed themselves to on our behalf, we can bridge this cultural gap and truly ensure we leave no war fighter behind on the battlefield in the mind.

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  1. You’re welcome. :-)


  2. In orde to film must have been a hard work . It’s a wonderful vIdeo . Thank you .



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